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Comment: Sad how the government treats its WAR VETERANS

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Sad how the government treats its WAR VETERANS

This is very sad to see, how the authorities treat its WAR VETERANS, especially when they (Government/authorities) were the ones preaching that we are over there (at war) to protect our freedoms.
You cops should be ashamed to arrest Adam, he is one of those that fought for you, and protected you from the terrorists, don't you remember?
Messing with Adam is like messing with the whole country.
You could had "stand down" and as long as no one got hurt, kept your distance, let Adam and his protesters exercise what he was fighting for...the right to protest against the government.
To protest is more American than you putting on your uniform and arrest innocent people every day. Leave Adam alone.
One of these days you GUNG HO cops are going to push the "hot" buttom a little too far, and will wish you had not done it.
I'm afraid that day is soon approaching at a rapid pace too.
You ought to be glad the other protesters "allowed" you the freedom to do what you did. Leave Adam alone....