Comment: It really doesn't make any sense

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It really doesn't make any sense

why Dr Paul wouldn't be outraged about the proposed amnesty plan since the numbers crunchers at the Heritage Foundation have stated it would add $6.3 TRILLION in debt. Is he just playing CYA for Rand, or is he just out of touch with the reality of the 3rd world invasion, that is undermining our Republic? As the times get tougher most of these invaders will become major theives, since, that's how most survive in Mexico by stealing from each other. Those who will try to argue against my statements are either clueless or refuse to see the facts. The illegals who came 30yrs ago, who worked for my father in commercial roofing, became citizens and contribute to America. Most of them have their own businesses now, and when asked about the illegals who have entered in the last 10-15yrs they say they are worth a sh!t, are here to freeload, and would rather work their a$$ off themselves than hire them. The Paul's had better wake up to reality and get away from their sheltered life to see the real world like myself and the majority I talk to see on a daily basis in Houston, Tx. Here, read this well documented awakening article by Frosty Wooldrige, who has bicycled across 6 continents, all across America, was a Truck driver for many years and a school teacher, who has seen how mass immigration has destroyed Europe and much of the the US.