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Comment: Berth Certificate is a Foreign Grantor Trust

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Berth Certificate is a Foreign Grantor Trust

This article is perhaps the most Important one I have ever seen on DP.
The Berth Certificate makes the baby a foreign banker lending his credit to the bankrupt United States.
Remember that, on your first day you became a foreign creditor to the bankrupt United States!
Then the next magic trick is the SS-5 Application. With the Berth Certificate you are still a non-resident alien.
You have some rights still.
The SS-5 changes your citizenship from State to U.S. a big mistake. The U.S. citizenship is only for those who are infants, mentally incompetent or dying! That citi zen ship holds such persons as property of their foreign banker controlled State in Washington D.C.. Property has no rights. If you read Article IV of their constitution you will see what they can do with their property-
Dispose of it!
There is another article on DP where Senator Harkin of Alaska explains this situation.
I suggest everyone read it.
Your life depends on it. When the United States defaults, the property can be liquidated, yes that means you and your children can be killed and the Equity your BC trust holds handed over to the Chinese, Russians, Arabs and other creditors.
The only real solution is to go through a process to liquidate your U.S. citi zen ship and move the Equity in it to a foreign trust safe from the bankrupt corp U.S. and it's other creditors.
That moves your body out of their possession. Right now the U.S. owns it since you are listed as dying and a ward of their ooh so charitable State.

For anyone who needs help, I can point the way.
Time is running out.

The Oracle