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Whether you follow this sorta

Whether you follow this sorta of topic or not, singularity will certainly be coming in the next century in all likelyhood.

The one thing we must be weary about is AI though. Its not just going by scifi stuff that they will turn evil or anything. However, there are plenty of chances that an AI could be "fouled" up by people who want to use them for things like war. There is also the matter that humans have been killing each other for a long time and its only logical that some human will end up trying to kill an AI. The question is, would an AI that came to this conclusion see all humans as an enemy?
Eitherway, once we get to the point where man and machine really start merging, we will likely be past the point where we would have to worry about such a thing happening.(the robots taking over to put it in the classic amusing way)

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.