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"Did the "majority" support that war? How do you know?"
-I don't know that. Perhaps it's not true, but the support by many was ridiculous. People parroted MSM about WMD's, saving women from the taliban, capturing bin laden, etc. I was only in highschool at the time, but people I listened to were letting it justify anything. I heard few voices of reason at the time and none that I recall calling it the propaganda it was.

"No. People are people, the look out for their own interests."
-Again with this Hobbesian nature of man crap. I don't buy it. Self interest is just one factor of motivation and I don't believe life ends up nasty, brutish or short just because I look out for my own interests. Most people are good. Timid, complacent, prejudice sure, but mostly good.

"Given absolute power, they will put that power to work for their own interests."
-That's what democracy limits. It's primary function is to displace worst forms of government. It requires a vigilant, informed and unapathetic electorate to be maintained, but this is a small price to pay to not be subjects of kings or oligarchs. We should pay it.

-I don't see the constitution as an obvious failure. It did protect most Americans for most of its 230+ years, and to some extent still does. Democracy may or may not force government back to constitutional adherence, but I see no other form of government likely to do it, nor another revolution that would turn out better than 1776.

The question for me.- The complete opposite. I fear the immorality of the people least of all. That's why we shouldn't forsake democracy. It IS the rule of the people. Slaves to the whims of the majority at times, but the people also want the rule of law and a constitution protecting individual freedoms. Tyrants want none of this. They would gladly settle with a constitutional republic defined by dictators and formulated to enslave.

"The humans given the power to rule over us are just as fallible and wicked as the rest of us."
- You betcha, but a democracy empowers the people to remove them peacefully as a first option.

"So why are you so eager for this system? It loots and kills. It does not protect you."
- Failed democracies loot and kill more and I don't expect protection from others, just the right to protect my self and equal protection under the law.

If you're suggesting anarchy, fine. I'm not there yet, and would prefer not to give up on democracy just because it looks a little bleak at the moment. Besides, I think the tide is changing.