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There was discussion of its verifiability...

not sure if on this site or where but it was a couple years ago. I followed some and read some conference notes on the 1893(??) Omaha Convention and the 1913 Kansas hearings on the creations of the Federal Reserve Act, both of which quoted either this document directly (Omaha referring to it as a banker underground imperialism manifesto or sorts) or to writers quoting from it.

I wouldn't have any idea where to re-find that stuff.

The OP and the additional history cited below, give me one indisputable goal. Since they obviously rely so heavily on their wealth's ability to buy their influence in every area needed, and given their overt sensitivity to financial woes (being over leveraged), our only response needs to simply be to bankrupt them under the premise that we no longer need them or their system.

I believe the principle behind Bitcoin can assist in this. While not physical enough to do the job itself, it does represent the ubiquity that should have accompanied all financial transactions. Therefore, I see it as an extremely liquid currency with a teaching aspect to it. I think it will facilitate more dependency on the metals, which will inevitably cause the banks to become seen as unnecessary.

That's the set-up part of the solution. With it brewing, we must also offer the people solutions to their everyday living needs that do not require the banks. The beauty of this is that we can show the people this self-sufficiency, and local-only inter-dependency in every other area of their lives as well. Putting these products (be they financial or substantive) allows them to flourish due only to the free market that we all here know to be the ultimate marketing tool.