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Foreign EIN

This is nt a one step process. You need to get enough control over your U.S. citizenship (it's a trust, estate, corp) so you can fire all the trustees (govt) and then close out the account. It is important to set up a foreign trust (foreign to the U.S.) to receive the property held in the U.S. citizenship I.e. your body, car, house, etc.
The foreign trust gets a 98 series EIN which puts it and all the property outside the U.S. jurisdiction.
Remember the U.S. is just a corporation, nobody forced your parents to sign you up as an employee. Anyone who does his due diligence and process can undo what your parents did.
The best way to restore a Republic is to leave the corporate democracy one by one, then form a Republic.

It's a different EIN than what you may be familiar with.

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