Comment: Enjoyed your story

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Enjoyed your story

I always enjoy reading about the experiences of dp'ers. What motivates me to post a comment is this: alcohol. Alcohol is a socially acceptable drug and is a centerpiece of many people's social life. The presence of alcohol in our lives is rarely questioned or critically analyzed. Alcohol, like caffeine and sugar, is absolutely necessary in getting people to accept living in an irrational and unintelligent world. It is very useful in helping people get up every day and work jobs that have no meaning or purpose to them. Alcohol and the other socially acceptable drugs are what keep the destructive machine of debt-slavery statist culture alive by taking away our desire for something better. Is there a substance that is the antithesis of this? Why yes there is. Cannabis does something to the mind that creates friction with one's cognitive dissonance. It is very difficult to use cannabis and not question the obvious absurdities we are asked to believe and live out on a daily basis. I cannot understand how a person can be so dense to consider cannabis a "drug" but not consider alcohol one.

I know many people who are no longer living because of alcohol. I know many people who are no longer living in an irrational, unintelligent, anti-humanist reality because of cannabis. The truth shall set you free. Cannabis shall set your mind free. Sorry if my post is off the subject but I just write it how it feels.