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We know that stress causes weight gain. Ever since the drug war began, and the reputation of "peace" officers suffered with it, they've been under stress, and literally been at war.

Toxins in our food also put stress on the body. Most of our farming is industrialized and plants genetically modified to withstand herbicides and pests. If a pest finds something undigestible, it seems reasonable that a person might have trouble with it. The body often stores toxins to get them out of circulation.

Additionally, due to the income tax, the tariff on sugar cane, and subsidies for corn in the U.S., we've been consuming way too much corn and corn syrup, also since about the late 1970's. Corn, as any farmer will tell you, is what you feed cattle, horses, and pigs to make them fat. It works on people, too.

Add that to busy working parents having to support the wars around the world via taxes, preparing meals from scratch at home is a luxury few have the time to afford, and with budgets cut, police often work over-time, which means many fast-food meals.

What do you think?