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Thank you for the thoughtful

and respectful response. As a veteran, I'm passionate (and harsh, when I feel the need) to point out the risks to our brave people in the movement when someone wants to do something so.... illogical.

There are infiltrators in our midst who would love nothing more than to take advantage of our brave men and women in a vulnerable situation. The evil around us may take advantage of such a situation to dramatically hurt our movement. There are many other peaceful non-threatning things we can do now, without risking the lives of our people, or the momentum of our movement without (IMO) stupid actions.

Finally, Adam as said that the marchers would not be Locked/Loaded, and if confronted, would disarm. What then (to all here), is the Point exactly? Imagine seeing a video with our people, on the ground being handcuffed and (unloaded) guns being confiscated. What would you (all) say to your friends when they ask you how that advanced our cause? Worse yet, imagine how you would feel seeing our people mowed down because one bad apple started shooting (agent provocateur)? Does anyone here support that potential outcome? Do you?

Lastly, if it does happen, then I will be praying and fasting for their success and safety.

Just want people to think instead of act out of emotion (or Testosterone)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa