Comment: they go hand in hand

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they go hand in hand

was my point. it's the politics of the future. once the people agree with the message you will see some real change. politics as usual? you can have it. elections and presidents come and go. one day (sure i won't see it) there will be an army of statesmen and their constituents saying: 'we just marched in and we can just march out.' i'd like to see rand re-light that fuse, but i don't hold out much hope. 'a little less aggression' is the most he can muster or the neocon bosses will come down hard, and then he'd need real backbone (like his dad) i want to get behind someone like ron paul that there's no trust issues even to consider.
but that's just me. spread the total message of ron paul is in my opinion where it's worth putting time and energy, not playing footsie with hannity and other slimes in hopes of holding high office.