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my friend, i certainly did

my friend, i certainly did not intend to do so, apologies if you took it that way

but if you imply that "armchair cheerleaders" should only have an opinion on the matter, only if they attend, then what else would you be saying, other then for those who have an opinion, in this case positive, to ignore it, do you understand where im coming from......i have an opinion, in the positive, but i might aswell ignore it, because im just an arm chair cheerleader......that is your term, something i best not comment on for the sake of peace

edit: i dont cheer this on because i believe that it will encourage it, i cheer it on because i think regardless of how i feel about it, it will happen, or very possibly happen, regardless of my input, if i believe whatever i do, this march will go on, then i will wish them luck, safety, and cheer the cause

you seem like a good man, and i hate argueing with good men, unless its in good spirit :)....ill concede this debate for now, if i have the will to control myself i.e. staying away from this thread

edit: rereading my post, it was a bit harsh, im sorry, i can only plead frustration, but that is no excuse, although i stand by my points, i should type under a calmer mind, and express them in the same way, im sorry for my choice of words, its not something i like seing others do, its certainly not something i like to see myself doing....there are many ways of saying the same thing, i apologise for these ones in the situation, not on the personal level