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Comment: And Jefferson liked to rape

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And Jefferson liked to rape

And Jefferson liked to rape his slaves and Washington was a freemason and Franklin was in the Hellfire Club and DC is laid out with pentagrams and owls.

I really don't care about these people or elevating them to prophet status.....I was just pointing out some basic flaws in your logic.

Such as: there was no Revolution prior to the Declaration of Independence, which Paine called for, by name, in Common Sense, and which is a point-by-point reiteration of Common Sense's main arguments....there's also a pretty detailed case made that Paine was actually the author of the Declaration. (Look up Joseph Lewis.)

Paine more or less invented The United States, from its name to all its key principles, to the general blueprint for the system of government eventually adopted.

So to get into lawyer-style nitpicking regarding whether he was a citizen or whether he liked how it played out after the fact, is a pretty ignorant approach.