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Comment: Many People Reportedly Witnessed a Plane Hit the Pentagon

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Many People Reportedly Witnessed a Plane Hit the Pentagon

September 11, 2001 was a Tuesday, a normal workday. At 9:40am one of the exterior faces of the Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia collapsed due to what is believed to have been caused by an impact of an object moving through the air at high speed. It was reported the object was American Airline flight 77.

This area around Arlington, Virginia is commercially dense with commuter vehicle traffic and tens of thousands of people sightseeing, traveling to and from Reagan International Airport and generally going about their daily business. The Pentagon building itself is less than 1500 feet from South Washington Boulevard and Jefferson Davis Highway (see: ---> type in "Pentagon").

On a clear sunny day over 100 people said they saw a plane hit the Pentagon. This has been documented here on a 9/11 research site (see: ).

So what is the rational that a plane didn't hit the Pentagon when there were so many eyewitness accounts on that fateful day?