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Comment: >>>>You'd be right to fear

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>>>>You'd be right to fear

>>>>You'd be right to fear democracy,<<<<

??I thought you thought it was "worth fighting for".

>>>> but you are a fool if you don't fear other government more.<<<<

I fear ALL government. Absolute power corrupts.

>>> Climb out of your Hobbesian cage.<<<

Explain how I am Hobbesian.

>>>>> Your getting a king right now, and you are ignorant of history if you think kings have any incentives other than parasitising their subjects.<<<<<

Learn history. It is a point of pride to a monarch to expand and enrich his or her kingdom to leave for his heir. Now we are afflicted with hordes of "elected" (ha) tyrants who loot asmuch as they can as fast as they can before they are out. They sell their power over us to the highest bidders. And you call this "government".

>>>> They'd bleed you dry if it meant more blood in the long run. <<<<

Again, learn history. We are taxed far more than King George dreamed of taxing the colonists.

>>>>The mob is just the market. It's impartial and pervasive like the weather or the tide.<<<

What nonsense! The market is simply a process, a mechanism, where goods and services are made/distributed. The mob, your holy "majority", just vote themselves the property of others.

>>> It will exist despite a monarch or an aristocracy, or even in anarchy.<<<<

No, if they cannot get the state to loot for them they are on equal footing. The majority has to work like everyone else.

>>>>Democracy just displaces the former two, and if the latter raises a local tyrant, bring it on.<<<<

I applaud your willingness to sacrifice yourself to the tyranny of powergrabbers and the embracing of your state worship, you obviously need it. You have no right to force it on others and call it "government", however.

>>>>> The founders feared democracy, but they still put the right to vote in the constitution. Why?<<<<<

Actually, the founders had no right to lock the press and the public out, swear each other to secrecy and create the central state that tyrannizes the world today. The Articles of Confederation werre working just fine. It was a coup and only was eventually ratified because war hero Washington agreed to endorse it....and once he received his presidential position in return proceeded to attack his own people in the Whiskey Rebellion. Patrick Henry was right to "smell a rat". It doesn't matter, constitutionalism failed. It cannot limit the state once those politicians receive a monopoly on power. They immediately begin to attack the people.