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Export it!

To get the MCO you will need to tell the dealer you intend to export the car. Then they will give you the MCO.
Now comes the tricky part. You will need to set up a foreign EIN 98 series trust to put the real title in. Then it's all legit out of U.S. registry. If it is registered by mistake (stuck in port) do the retirement of a motor vehicle form and the export forms from DMV you will need to send a bill of exchange to the county recorder to get the U.S. debt against it lifted and the MCO sent to you.

By the way I know some people who haven't had any license plates for thirty years! George Gordon and his wife.
See George Gordon's Law school.

Julius, why don't you accept my offer to move everything into a non resident alien trust and get rid of these pirates once and for all?

The Oracle