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Comment: I Agree it is a Fake Out

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I Agree it is a Fake Out

The corporations have been shunting the income tax onto individuals who are actually exempt but don't know that in order to get the people to repeal the income tax. The corps want to have the people pay the "fair tax" to get them off the hook and then the corps would grow uncontrollably.

You are your own worst enemy if you are ignorant and can be manipulated. The IRS would work for the American People and only collect taxes from the corporations if the people only learned how to use the IRS. It is not the people's enemy, it is our tax collector which is there to collect from the corporations and return the proceeds to the people. If you are using the blue and black IRS forms and taking deductions the IRS assumes you are a corporation that is taxable. Who's fault is that?
Why not use the Red Forms reserved for the people? Then the IRS collects the tax from the corporations and returns it to you. Much better!

The Oracle