Comment: 2016 is not that far away

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2016 is not that far away

2016 is not that far away folks. We need to stay ahead of the game. Ron did us a huge service by waking us up and motivating us all to get involved. We now have the tools needed to succeed in putting a worthy candidate up in the White House. We have our own people in position in the GOP. We worked hard for this moment. Now is the time to rally around someone. Rand needs to be our guy. I know some of you are skeptical as we should be but I'm telling you...the apple does not fall far from the tree. This man is his fathers son. Look at who he grew up with as his mentors. He has been surrounded by extremely wise people his entire life...prepping him along the way to perhaps be one of the best presidents this nation has seen in a very long time.

We should all be feeling the same sense of urgency right about now for the next election. There is no time to "feel around" for a better candidate. and we all should know by now that voting 3rd party is a "waisted vote" (cringe) as weve seen with GJ's 1% vote. Rand is our guy. We need to put this guy in the White House is 2016. Meanwhile...keep electing our peeps in the house and senate.