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Reports Of My Demise Are Greatly Exagerated

Yes, I served their Crown Corporation as collateral for 240,000,000.00 worth of their "National Debt".
The bonds are for 30 years and were discharged (sold) after I performed17 months of the fictitious Naval Contract in two different camps.
The camps are exactly that, military POW camps. It all operates on the Naval Codes. They warehoused us in big open barns (dormitories) 120 POWs per room, 240 per floor, 480 per barn.
The uniforms are all navy issue. Regular prisoners wear navy blues. Those who are more cooperative with Her Majesty's Navy wear Brown Uniforms. The Seargent Schultzes wear Grey uniforms and their officers wear spify White Navy uniforms.
If you watch the movies Battleship or U-571 you will see the uniforms I am talking about.
The buildings are all painted in Navy Blue, Ship Grey, and white.
The Officers paperwork is straight military - request for leave forms etc.
The "chow" is based on the military diet for military enlisted men (per the STATE OF OHIO dietician).
Of course the funding gets embezzled big time so the prisoners are actually dying a slow death from malnutrition.

I learned a lot, I wasn't the only awake political prisoner in there.

Welcome to Crown/City of London occupied America.
Oh, the guards have their own Masonic Lodge and are not U.S. citizens. Does that ever tell you something!

Thanks for noticing I am back. I wish you had noticed I was missing. I really could have used some friends.

The Oracle