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Just a few thoughts...

Are you referring to the Gnosticism brought into the early Christian church in Alexandria Egypt by Origen , who writings the Hexaupta were collected , and interwoven into mainstream Christianity via Eusebius. Eusebius being the person that the Emperor Constantine had create 50 copies of scripture in order to further establish the brand new State religion of the Roman Empire in the 5th century? It is from these copies of Eusebius that both the Codex C ( Latin Vulgate, i.e., Douay/Rhemes ) and the Codex Aleph come from, as both textual documents are nearly identical, saving that the Aleph has numerous overwritings by many editors making it for all intensive purposes, illegible, thus it's future discovery in what was once the trash heap in the catacombs of a Alexandrian Nunnery ( Convent ). Whereas the Codex C was discovered, by coincidence, in the burgeoning archives of the vast Vatican Library in Rome.
There are major textual differences between the Codex's Aleph / C when compared to the Codex B, or Textus Recptivus from which the King James was translated.
Those differences are not limited too, but are basicly thus.
A. The divinity of Jesus Christ as the sole mediator between man and God
B. the state of the dead, ie Limbo, purgatory vs...a deep sleep, mortality of the soul.
C. indulgences, purchasing redemption after the fact
D. The apocrypha.

So hermeneutics, are the Greek Philisophical influences that have become part of modern Christianity, such as the concept of hell as a place of forever burning ( and our experiencing it forever ) as verses a place that is forever burning that instantly consumes whatever is thrown into it. As you correctly stated, Thomas Aquinas was responsibile for the greater part of such error being intoduced as literal doctrine.

The other thing I wanted to note was that the link you provided seemed disjointed from the body of your post, i.e., they didn't flow together much, is this by intent?

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