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Who Pays The Tax?

That was one of the studies we did in business school. Sometimes the corporation eats the tax and cannot pass it on to consumers, sometimes they can stick it to the consumer. Eventually a tax on one corporation or sector that cannot pass the tax on to consumers will result in re-allocation of capital to corporations that can pass off the tax. Simple economics all other things being equal. So in the short run a tax can be levied against a corporation which in some situations the corporation cannot pass on to consumers. This effectively liquidates (destroys) the corporation.

Eventually all taxes raise the cost of capital and thus raise the cost of everything in society.
This assumes the tax goes to waste by the government.
If the government did not waste the tax revenue and spent it all on properly allocated public infrastructure then productivity would be increased and taxes wouldn't cause increased prices for everyone.

To waste and destroy is the purpose of taxation (under this govt.) so as to keep the wealth out of the people's hands.
Inflation is just double taxation. They tax you when they give you a newly printed note. It acts as a warrant.
The Department of Treasury "checks" even say on them "this is a warrant". Their government has been operating in Bankruptcy since June 5 1933. They borrow from the American People by issuing these "warrant" checks.

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