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I'll Walk ...

... not march, '... on that day'...

... and each day when we each meet.

I won't encourage that we question each other. Rather, I would urge we each draw our own respective lines and meet each friend and adversary on our own terms.

We agree Ron Paul is a fine example ... a clear headed leader. Adam, I salute as bold and so I support him as he exemplifies a brave heart leading his own way and perhaps some of those who choose to walk beside him. I likely wouldn't choose to walk behind him, or anyone, for that matter; but I won't turn and walk away either. I would choose to meet him at the line he walks.

Before we are called to walk the walk, we talk ... as you suggest. WE should draw inspiration from lines of definition supplied by leaders. They ought not define the bottom line, but for me this sentiment sums up what I'd like to see come into focus:

And so I'll celebrate bold leadership when I see it displayed. Leaders instigate change. r'Evolution is brought about by instigation.

Where Do We Draw the Line

On your palm an endless wonder
The lines that speak the truth without a sound
And in your eyes awaits the tireless hunger
Already looks for prey to run down

So why do we keep up this charade
N' how do we tell apart the time to leave from the time to wait

What does tomorrow want from me
What does it matter what I see
If it can't be my design ...