Comment: Proof of honest truth

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Proof of honest truth

Not knowing the future is not the same thing as having no idea as to what can, may, or will happen in the future.

Proof of the lies told by the people who claim to have power over their victims, such as those Federal Reserve Criminals, or those Criminals in Washington D.C., or those Criminals in Wall Street, abound, and proof of those lies are abundantly visible to all the people who actually do prove, each day, that they are volunteering to serve and protect innocent people.

I've long since held the belief, or sound reasoning, that this Country will move further in to Absolute Despotism, or away from Absolute Despotism, and move into Liberty because the volunteers who volunteer to serve and protect outnumber, not necessarily in pure head counts, but are of a significant enough number to overpower those whose goal is Absolute Despotism in demonstrable fact.

The fact that so many military and police volunteers supported Ron Paul, to me, proves the honest truth in this regard.

The battle is never over, just more and less difficult.