Comment: No kidding. "Kevin" applied

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No kidding. "Kevin" applied

No kidding. "Kevin" applied for a job here last week and I Googled him as first step in the hiring process. Here's what is in the paper about him. It's a lot different than his resume.

"One of two ********** brothers involved in counterfeiting $20 bills received a sentence Friday, and will spend the remainder of three years on probation.

Kevin *** ***********, 33, also got time served in ****** County Jail after his arrest for the March 16 incidents where he tried to pass the fake bills at ***** ****** fast food restaurants, not succeeding before one called police.

Police found 15 counterfeit $20 bills in his van.

******* R. *********, 37, of ********** has pleaded to Class D felony theft and Class D felony counterfeiting and could get a prison sentence of up to three years.

He told police he was making the bills to support a drug habit---------------------------------------------------------
I also found a dishonorable mention on Kevin for forgery and DUI.

Go ahead. You hire him. I'll do the work myself or go out of business before I'd hire him.

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