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Thanks for sharing the book

… a little bit and I am interested in reading the whole thing. But here’s the thing…..this is how the conspiracy theory started. I don’t believe in conspiracy theory. I believe Milton Friedmen stated it best. The definition of corruption is “intrusion in the free market through government regulation”. I see everything through that prospective. So when the government created the Fed… created a cratel…..with the expressed reason of “regulating” the money supply. When we got O’Care……we regulated the health care system. The only way to rid the country of the corruption is to rid the government the will to regulate…….The lady that wrote the book is no different then the people she was writing about……it’s just she’s not in charge. The fact that she was such a great supporter of Abraham Lincoln means she knows nothing about Lincoln……She is a greenbacker…….those that advocate a money system controlled by the central government…….and we can run it like the post office. My point is that in order to advance true Liberty…… have to advance less government…..not more.
If you want to read about Lincoln get “Reassessing the Presidency” from The Mises Institute. Or The History of Banking and Money by Murray Rothbard.
And if you are really interested in understanding the origins of this government read the debate between the Federalist papers vs the Anti-federalist papers. If you do you will see that the Constitution was not this grand design of a great government but a coup to capture the wealth of this nation by a few less than honorable men led specifically by Alexander Hamiltion.