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I see a few good points both ways by the responses

but at the end of the day - the mall is not entirely considered private property. I dont know how it got this way and whom to blame - but malls are considered quasi-public.

Here in CT - you CAN get a ticket from the police for a motor vechile violation in a mall parking lot. Not wearing your seatbelt -even on mall property - you can be given a ticket. I believe here in CT it is any business with over ten parking spots is considered public - not private. I may not agree - but the mall cannot suddenly claim private status when it is convenient.

As to the phones - the security guard may have the right to kick them off the property(though I doubt it based upon above) - they would certainly have no authority to take a phone or force deletion of the pictures - there is NO WAY they could claim an expectation of privacy in this situation.

Either way - it is a funny video.