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Sorry, texas, i disagree...


The word you use, "fear", is very misleading and seeks to cloud the issue.

First of all, where was this "fear"? Was it fear from the lenders or fear from the borrowers? Clearly, there was no "fear" on either side from 1980-2001. But, now, there is "fear" on both sides with MOST of it coming from the banking institutions who refuse to let go of "their" fiat money. The public side has a very hard time procuring "credit".

To my point...

You say, "As fear collapses (confidence increases), gold price will follow that collapse. Yet OVERALL debt will be increasing as private debt will grow with increasing confidence.

This is where you are flawed. Where is your "confidence" coming from? An increase in the fiat money supply? QE infinitum? This is NOT confidence, this is a house of cards built on shifting sands. There is NO manufacturing base left in this country, ergo, NO WAY for real confidence to grow. Confidence in socialism (obamacare)? Confidence in food stamp growth and poverty? Confidence in UNREPAYABLE debt? Confidence in the military industrial complex to build and sustain an amerikan "empire" across the globe? Confidence in the amerikan "government" to protect freedom and liberty in America? Frankly, I don't see the "confidence" you see.

There is a NEW paradigm we must look to now. It is the "inevitable collapse" paradigm. There is a line that we crossed a long time ago in this country that set us on this NEW course.

Your illusion of confidence is based on bubbles, fiat currency, and ignoring the LOSS of real value in this country. Precious metals, i.e., gold and silver, are the ONLY place where serious investors, and frankly, Countries (like China and Russia), will place their trust.

Please don't mislead the people here in America of their chance to protect themselves in the coming, inevitable collapse/crisis.

Buy gold. If you are wrong then you will be wrong with Russia, China, and a billion Indians (as in India).

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