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Comment: Treat every one as individuals first

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Treat every one as individuals first

Maybe it is best to treat every one as individuals first. We can do what they use to do and try to defuse situations. It seems clear that a different mindset is taking hold - ie a badge gives an officer to arbitrarily run people over, order them around and scare people in the name of public safety.

I have had a number of interactions with police since I have "woken up". This includes Montgomery County Police in MD, US Cap Park Police and National Capital Police. Last year, I was pulled over for a "rolling stop", the cop asked if I would consent to having my car checked by a drug sniffing dog. (Was this because of a "Legalize Liberty" bumper sticker?) I politely did not consent, that it was unwarranted for a traffic stop. I started talking to him about the change in mentality and why do the wear black now, not blue. I told him about Oath-keepers. He when to his car, came back after a few minutes and said that the dog was going to take to long to get there and let me go with a warning. I am hoping that he looked up Oath keepers and liked what he read.

If I had called assumed he was power hungry monster and gave him lip maybe he would not have heard anything else.