Comment: While I agree it is not the holy grail, the end game of end game

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While I agree it is not the holy grail, the end game of end game

it is a step in the right direction. I know, I know - many on here don't believe in steps back- they have a fantasy of waking up one day after an election and having all that is good in the world restored - but I am a realist.

Know why my wife is paying more attention these days(besides my obsessive rants and the DP that is)? I "went out on my own" - started my own company last year. With that came a lot of things -one of them being quarterly estimated taxes.
Now despite having paid MUCH more quarterly in federal taxes when I was on salary(I got paid a lot more) - the fact that she now must write a big check every three months(actually two - one to the fed, one to CT) - it INFURIATES her. See, it's phycilogical. Before -she never felt it was my money - clearly it was the governments since they just took it right? Now when we get checks in the mail - we move 40% of that check over to a savings account labled Tax Accrual. We know it is for taxes, we know we are not keeping it - but in her mind it is OUR money they are taking now - not THEIR money. And she gets angry over it!!!

If we took away w2's and paid everyone with 1099's - the country would burn the IRS down withing 6 months. That second check really started to irritate my wife, as I imagine it would MANY people.

The fair tax may not be fair - and it may not make much difference since again - it is being pecked to death by ants - but it sure is easier to understand than the current system.

Not to mention - it would save me countless hours of aggrivation keeping track of receipts, and expenses and mileage and on and on.