Comment: Two Reasons...

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Two Reasons...

...Jones uses the word 'disappear', in my estimation:
1. It's a headline and he's in the alternative news business;
2. When someone has not made contact with their closest family/friends after being taken, then we don't really know first-hand (as in from Adam's mouth) where they are for sure.

Of course, we have the word of the feds and Ralph H. has tracked down some information. But this is *official* word on what's happening; not word from Adam himself. And now it appears that instead of this morning, as initially reported, he is not arraigned until Thursday morning? Already things are changing.

So, while Jones might be somewhat hyperbolic , there is some justification for it and frankly, if I was Adam, I would be grateful that Jones is making a big deal out of it. The reach that Jones has and the awareness he builds could really help keep the pressure on the feds in this case. I wish people would stop using hate-mongering to counter what they call fear-mongering. Same bad.