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"..As stated many times before, a breach of the Mar 2008 high of around $21.40 would suggest much lower prices. But I'm not betting on that..."


It appears that Silver price
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"...Price then should continue its path on down to what I expect to be the bottom of this 1+ year decline, at around $24.20. Again, violating the 2008 high around $21.35, (depending on data source) would negate this outlook and be further bearish for Silver Price. I continue, until and unless the 2008 high is breached, to expect silver to resume its bull market trend back to new highs above $50. The area of $24.20 will be critical area..."


Vote down!
I've told you several times
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"...Since June I've stated that I think silver has another high (with an alternate scenario if price drops below the 2008 high)..."


There are several others (and several that have been deleted) where I have CLEALY stated, all the way back to August 2011, that if silver price violated the 2008 highs that my outlook would change on silver price.

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