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Sorry Advanced Stuff! Meant for Julius!

Federal Reserve notes have no value (see federal reserve publications).
No one can obtain true title to anything by "buying" it with a Federal Reserve Note.
In other words you probably don't own anything. The State owns all of what you think of as your stuff.
Your stuff is tititled in an Estate which the government conveniently "manages" for you.
The Estate name looks exactly like what you see on a tombstone JOHN H DOE.
So you are listed by Social Security as "dying".
I suggest starting with a short video called "proof of life" on the official Winston Shrout YouTube website, you may have to scroll down to the second page to find it.
Also check out "Declaratory Judgement" by Winston Shrout posted unofficially on YouTube.
The tax stuff is a little more advanced. When you sign a credit instrument you are creating a title to goods which you can then loan to a corporation. When you want to get the title to those goods back from the communal pot (corporation) you can re-acquisition it using an IRS form 1099-A..
Those coupons attached to the bottoms of your phone, water, electric, car, house [bills] can be redeemed at any time the same way. You can get a tax refund if you don't use them.

Well I hope that helps. Don't investigate The Matrix if you are over 55 or have a heart condition, Red Pill warning!

The Oracle