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I agree

with John below that the article was quite a depressing read! However, a comment at the link (from Andrew 10:30 PM) gives a little hope! It talks of "...Dr Mehran Keshe's magrav technology, which, after having been made available to ALL embassies of the world and formally accepted by many, is a potential game-changer..."

For what it's worth, Iran allegedly leads the way in the magrav (free energy) technology...

It's amazing to me what this technology is alleged to be capable of...

ETA: I say alleged because this is not my area of expertise! If it's true that the US is forbidding importation of Keshe products, then, imo, that gives further credence to the validity of magrav technology. This technology also alleges to do away with the military industrial complex!!

For further information, here's a link to the home website of the Keshe Foundation:

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