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There is a reason for it being called "Awake"

Because just about everyone here has been through it, and that is what it feels like. Like we just "awakened" from the Matrix.

Case in point myself, I was always someone who voted on who I thought was more qualified, I was a Nader Raider and always thought his committment to consumer protection was the most admirable. I never could fathom back then how rigged this system is however. I may have been "smarter" in some ways knowing Democrat and Republicans weren't worth voting for, but I remember listening to Ron Paul for a bit of time and learning more about the Fed and wondering why I knew so little about this institution. Something clicked, suddenly I realized that EVEN if you consider yourself politically informed on issues, current events, people, movements, and information. You are being fed it through controlled channels. You can be smart, but still not awake.

Back then you didn't talk about what the Federal Reserve actually did. You didn't get certain portions of history that are important such as the Brenton Woods agreement, there was no concern in the media where people got their food in major grocery chains and big pharma. You didn't get to find out why only two parties now participate in presidential debates.

You were fed a certain reality, perception, and acceptable information. ALL the time, from the same sources, from the same people, with the same general opinion, with fake disagreements. (i.e. non-interventionism is never considered even if they nit-pick about a certain war). Once you take the red pill, EVERYTHING starts to make sense, but everything starts becoming clear and it feels like you were asleep to the reality (or smoking a pipe dream) before.