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Comment: I reject your purposeful

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I reject your purposeful

I reject your purposeful usage of confusing language. The legal system does it, and it's why I ignore it. Just stop it and talk to me like a normal person. It's the same as how I reject these "sovereigns" because of their thinking that "driving" and "traveling" are different. The only law I follow is stuff the founders wrote, because they were adults and wrote what they meant (you don't need a "legal" dictionary to understand its meaning). Only babies write or say things that require you to read between the lines.

I don't need permission from the state to own something. People simply need to defend what they own with violence. I didn't sign myself into this system, I was signed into it by my parents when I was given a SS number. Therefore I don't recognize stuff like cars and land as some rental agreement. I ignore the contract.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.