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good clerk

A little over a year ago I was called to show up in Pittsburgh to add commentary and interviews around the planned webcast of Ron Paul's packed-house appearance at Pitt. I needed some new clothes quickly, so I pulled into the first Men's Wearhouse I saw. I grabbed a black (!) blazer, two nice shirts in my size (not easy to do) and a pair of lightweight all-purpose grey slacks. Almost four hundred bucks, at retail prices. No sale on. As I painfully pulled out my credit card, I explained to the young man waiting on me what I was doing - heading to Pennsylvania to make sure Ron Paul gets some (alternative) media coverage. I asked him if he knew who Ron Paul was. He looked at me slyly, and spoke softly. "The Revolution has begun." I suddenly felt proud for this young guy to make a full commission on my sale. Saved a bunch of time, which was suddenly at a premium, much more valuable than the cash. And, yes, I liked the way I looked.

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker