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indeed: while other factors are at play, but two words that

truly ended the era of "peace officers," and turned them into commissars' praetorian guards: "Officer Safety," well...along with the utter non-existent legal fiction, "Qualified Immunity."

within the profession, there's an active discussion over active shooter response. pre-Columbine, their protocol has always been to wait for SWAT and/or hostage negotiators. but after, they've been trained to kill assailants, not negotiate a peaceful release of hostages. while the protocol shift was particular to Colorado, but other departments and FBI/DoJ protocol changed as well (though truly, only publicly, as Ruby Ridge and Waco exhibited under no uncertain terms, Feds murder, PERIOD. Their 'HRT' (Hostage Rescue Teams, aka. FBI SWAT) has never been about saving lives, but to impose the dominance over the 'peons').

true, typical PD trainings suck, and frankly, MOST cops are not trained properly tactically, nor qualified to truly de-escalate deadly incidents. then again, these skills are more art than science; it takes truly particularly rare type of personalities and individuals (even beyond the police work, among general populace as well), human psychological stimuli/response knowledge, intelligence, and patience to guide their way through highly charged hostage situations.

so, delicately lethal situations are always further aggravated by the common denominator training typical in most PD's.

In reality though, obviously there are exceptions, but the dynamics of real-life combat and critical incidents are such that generally speaking, the longer you wait to engage the assailant, either verbally or tactically, the worse it gets.

so, whomever is first on the scene should engage, though conflicts differ case by case, and the threat level must be adjudicated on the spot by the homeowner or the responding cops. a convicted felon out on parole who barged, armed into a 'female prey's home, is certainly driven to kill, and determined to not go back to jail.

of course, the responding cop should be clearly aware of his own skill levels/limitations, before engaging, as the results can be deadly and irrevocable, as this case clearly shows.

Previous, but apt reply: also check out Chuck Haggard, an old-school cop's interview and statement on the MYTH of "officer safety" and "hierarchy of safety needs."


The two word-euphemism for legitimizing pussification.

not that the entire notion of a 'police force' isn't already aberrant to begin with, but even IF one were to truly believe in the 'call of duty' and truly joins police work with the most noblest of intentions 'to serve,' if one feels saving one's own ass is more important (not to say coming home to their family alive isn't virtuous...unless you murder an innocent Hofstra student and one half of twins, during the day), why even bother to join any PD, let alone get out of bed in the morning? yeah, rhetorical, but truly though...

well, here's one old school cop, who has his "hierarchy of safety needs" priorities straight:

Single Officer Response in Active Shooter Events:

We as law enforcement officers need to have a clear idea of what the hierarchy of safety needs really is. Officer safety is NOT our first concern, if it were we would either hide out at the police station all day or, better yet, just stay home and not go to work. Police work is not about risk avoidance, it is about risk mitigation while also doing the job we have sworn to do. The hierarchy of needs is, and has always been, that the people we protect come first. We place ourselves in the line of fire to protect the citizens we serve, thus the victims of any crime and the bystanders on scene are the first and second priority of any police response. The safety of the officer is almost always the third place consideration.

Some recent interviews with Chuck Haggard:

Chuck interviewed by Jeff Bloovman (winner of Disc. Ch.'s One Man Army, and former pupil of James Yeager):

Unfortunately, it seems 'all the good apples/true peace officers' have either retired in disgust, or simply 'forced' out.

my only solace is that the Fed. Res. trajectory being what it is, there is absolutely no mathematical way of staving off the coming, inevitable currency collapse, followed by a monetary reboot, thereby de facto nullifying any and all 'police force' monetary structure as we know it. though I've always maintained that should the SHTF and TEOTWAWKI truly comes, cops will become the local warlords, and their 'evidence locker' will become their bank vault.

there are only two 'professional' groups who truly know how to commit crimes daily, know how to get away with it, and with network/distribution know how to efficiently run the 'black market': criminals and cops.

the latter, because what one observes daily, and rationalizes daily compromising of morals to 'catch them, by committing equal crimes,' they inevitably become what they study, worse, what they emulate (all infiltrations and undercover work are fundamentally based on the delusional premise of "gotta commit crimes to catch criminals," it'd be the exception, not the rule, if they don't become what they purportedly abhor the most, IMO).

Now, I do not believe the officer should be charged in the death as far as manslaughter charges. Otherwise it sets a bad precendece. However, the officer should be relieved of duty, loss of benefits and pension and sent packing. You simply cannot make such a large mistake and still be a cop.

well... yes and no: yes, he should lose his job. but no, he really should, truly be arrested on negligent homicide charges, and serve at minimum 2yrs in jail.

though the sentence is always usually longer, the actual average time served can range from 6months to 10yrs, depending, but from what I recall they do hover between 1~2yrs.

but, seeing as how the actual, average time served for MURDER is EIGHT YEARS in America? it's par for the course.

Kinda puts into perspective the utterly fraudulent nature of 'our' 'justice' system, especially when a poor Illinois man is facing 75yrs in prison for merely peacefully filming copthugs from afar, eh?)

no matter how they rationalize, even under the current, utterly fraudulent 'judicial' paradigm, at the least, it is clearly manslaughter, depending on jurisdiction, "negligent homicide." to be fair, it is not 1st or 2nd degree murder, technically speaking as no mens rea was involved (as far as publicly available report goes), though that fraudulent legal distinction would be of no comfort to the innocent, murdered girl's surviving family members...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul