Comment: "mistake?" - the poor girl is DEAD - that's not a "mistake"

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"mistake?" - the poor girl is DEAD - that's not a "mistake"

He should be punished accordingly.

At the least, he should be fired, no severance.

Better yet, he should be prosecuted civily to pay restitution to her family for being "responsible" for her death.

Even better still, he should be allowed no where near another police job ever again.

Finally, since this is NY, I'd say commisurate with their attitudes, he should be debarred the use of arms for the rest of his life. (I don't really believe that, but they should at least be consistent with their policies and laws)

His supervisor and whomever is in charge of training should be fired on the same grounds.

Then mandatory reform of the training procedures and mandatory retraining for all officers should be implemented with all due haste.

Anyone disagreeing in the slightest should be fired immediately.