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try to put emotional outrage aside

Number 1: Your assertion is extremely speculative, at best. There are a whole host of potential reasons why food companies oppose mandated labels - cost of regulatory compliance being one of them.

Number 2: It's not fraudulent if I already know the contents of the can (e.g., we know the food product may contain GMO). Further, "the deceit" (as you state) doesn't "perpetuate at our expense" IF YOU DON'T BUT THE PRODUCT. THIS IS THE NATURE OF VOLUNTARY TRANSACTIONS.

Number 3: If you have so little faith in the institutions of government (which, admittedly, may be warranted), then how can you reasonably think more regulation (i.e., mandated labeling), subject to regulatory capture, is going to fix things?

Number 4: I've dealt with this incorrect assertion elsewhere in my comments. Failing to label "GMO" does not amount to fraud, at least without more.