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I am a natural bee keeper,

I am a natural bee keeper, Bee clubs tend to promote commercial practices even for hobby bee keepers. You might find some natural bee keepers in the bee club but its a crap shoot.

Here is a site I recommend. A mentor would be nice if they use natural practices. However if they teach conventional practices I do not recommend it. They will tell you you need to be checking and messing with you bees weekly for mites and disease etc. and to use unnatural plastic foundation that is the wrong size for bee cells (don't do it), and spraying your bees with "insecticide" to kill mites. Hello bees are insects too... When it is these practices and more that make the bees susceptible to those things.

I use Warre hives instead of conventional Langstroth or National type hives and will be trying what is called a Perone Super hive this year.

With youtube and the internet you can learn everything you need to know online. Natural beekeeping is much easier then conventional and low maintenance once you get your colony/s established which doesn't take long. Let the friggen bees do what they have done for millions of years. Gee how did they ever survive without man? In fact Man thinking he knows better then the bees is what is causing their decline.

here is a forum for natural beekeeping I recommend:

We want to save the bees not perpetuate practices that are causing their decline.

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