Comment: Great topic, Marc.

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Great topic, Marc.

For once, I find myself disagreeing with Murray. I find his argument baseless.

I do eat meat. But there is the roughly 5 million Indians that follow Jainistic customs which prescribes a path of non-violence towards all living beings and emphasizes spiritual independence and equality between all forms of life. I believe that this would ultimately be pure libertarianism. I am not disciplined enough to do it...yet?

Also, there is also the adorable little book The Little Prince. that basically claims any domesticated animal is the responsibility of man to care for since man is responsible for its dependence on man. I agree with that too.

Murray states,

"In short, man has rights because they are natural rights. They are grounded in the nature of man: the individual man’s capacity for conscious choice, the necessity for him to use his mind and energy to adopt goals and values, to find out about the world, to pursue his ends in order to survive and prosper, his capacity and need to communicate and interact with other human beings and to participate in the division of labor. "

Conscious choice, goals and values, curiosity, desire to survive, communication and interaction skills, and ability to participate in the division of labor seem like irrelevant random characteristics not possessed solely by humans. I don't know why he claims that these characteristics give a creature the right to life, liberty, and property. Unless, he is using the philosophy of natural rights as the basis for the best form of social order. I agree that for the purpose of establishing a human social order the theory of natural rights is the most logical way of discovering it. But I don't think that natural rights in general are limited to humans.

My dogs can reason and they experience emotion. They are not purely led by innate responses. Sometimes I think most humans would be better off if they did actually rely on innate impulses more. When they are exposed to constant misleading brainwashing by the State and its propaganda outlets most humans use these signals to make bad choices.