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Mark Dice really lowered himself with this video

Dice is usually clever and funny. His behavior in that video was just childish.

Also, I'll take Dr. Stan Monteith's thoughts regarding Jeff Bauman over Mark Dice's silly cartoon voice nonsense.

It makes no sense that one could have a good grasp of the JFK assassination, the USS Liberty, the gulf of Tonkin, OKC bombing, 911, the war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, Iran/Contra (I'm sure I've left at least a few out) and then take the stance that it is unthinkable that the government might hire amputees and other actors to make a false flag op look more gruesome and that anyone who would even consider such a thing must be a total cad of an a-hole. Because we all know the government only has our best interest in mind and would never, ever do anything to further its agendas at our expense and the expense of our rights.

It would be interesting to see Jan Helfeld get a hold of Mark Dice, Jon the mod, Trevor Lyman and even Michael, and watch him do his Socratic questioning on them regarding this.

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