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Don't get me wrong

I'm not criticizing those who WANT to help, but can't or don't know how, I'm criticizing those who talk a big game, and do nothing.

For instance, the people who talk about "watering the tree of liberty" and such, yet do nothing. It's like those people are just waiting on other people to make a move.

A defense fund would be a good start IMO, as are making calls. BUT, I also believe that, historically, peaceful protest has accomplished very little (at most) in many cases; most times it just ends up becoming a nuisance and/or butt of a joke. (think OWS).

I know a lot of people like to point out India/Gandhi, but that situation was so far different from ours now; people there were more easily united due to a common ethnic identity and culture, which wouldn't work in the US (maybe the latter, but not the former...lest any unfortunate implications arise).

On a slightly related note, I think now would be the prefect time to disregard the IRS by having a tax protest. At least then, they're getting hit in the wallet, so it'd be at least mildly effective.

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