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I think animals do have

I think animals do have limited emotion. Even if they didn't, does that mean they lack natural rights? Does a person in a coma have less rights than one that is not?

We don't give rights to animals. Natural rights are those that an organism, by reason, possesses due to the fact that when it came into this world, by default is the most reasonable owner of its own body and the fruits of labor produced by it. So it has the right to defend that body and the fruits of labor of that body. That is why we claim we, humans, have natural rights. So why would we make an exception for animals?

I agree that animals do not know right from wrong in the human sense. But that has nothing to do with natural rights. Now, if we are trying to establish a human social order, using natural rights as the basis, indeed the ability of humans to know right from wrong is essential, if not the primary fundamental prerequisite, in the development of that social order.

Marc, I could be completely off base. I have not put the proper amount of thought into this topic before. Thank you for peaking my interest. I plan on getting to the bottom of it. I will just be really bummed out if I decide I do not have the right to eat meat unless my survival depends upon it.