Comment: Is "maybe poisonous" substantially different from "poisonous"?

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Is "maybe poisonous" substantially different from "poisonous"?

Would you willingly drink a glass of liquid with "secret ingredients" that "may or may not" be poisonous, any more eagerly than you would a glass with a little known poison? Well, if you could test it first, you might . . . but Monsanto won't allow anyone off their payroll to test it! Those 40 "studies" you mentioned -- looks like they are ALL Monsanto work. The fact that their publication is "peer reviewed" is meaningless if the studies cannot be independently duplicated and verified -- and Monsanto will NOT provide seeds to independent researchers.

I agree that the reader comment about Green Giant's fear of Monsanto's propensity for lawsuits is speculative, but I still found it interesting that the comment appeared on Green Giant's official corporate blog -- and they didn't deny the speculation.

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