Comment: 'l'ibertarianism is a philosophy.

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'l'ibertarianism is a philosophy.

'l'ibertarianism can be loosely defined as the political and social philosophy based on the right of every person to the peaceful use his own body and property. Stated in a ‘negative’ manner: libertarianism opposes force and fraud; the latter is a form of theft because it is the wrongful assumption of a property title.

Rand does not even describe himself as a libertarian. If there is disagreement with that, please provide proof. The knee-jerk anger provoked by DavyC or any other principled libertarian, by simply stating something that Rand admits himself is quite baffling.

The fact that no one dare debate or provide evidence contrary to the fact that Rand is not libertarian should be a good sign that the argument is a correct one. If you like Rand's politics, so be it. But his politics are not libertarian. And we have working for a long time trying to teach libertarianism to the masses. It is a set back when Rand is labeled a libertarian when he is not one.

'L'ibertarians are to libertarianism as the Communist Party was to socialism - two completely different animals. DavyC and I are merely talking about the philosophy of libertarianism. We just do not want the word, and the movement behind it, to get diluted. You should see this as a laudable goal and not allow it to anger you.