Comment: ...but is this sweeping?

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...but is this sweeping?

Lets hope that hemp gets legalized at this level.
The thing I would like to know though is would this be a sweeping legalization? Or would you still need to go about getting licenses or something similiar to grow it? I would be weary because of that. New York squashed out all private taxi owners by requiring each taxi have a city approved medallion thing they put on the cars. Ok, great, they wanted to make sure that those being taxi drivers were serious about their jobs. Did they make it $1000? Nope. $5000? Nope, not that either. They made it cost $1000000 a piece; of course its obvious that no one not serious about being a taxi driver would bother buying one even if it was only a few hundred dollars.
I would fear that happening here. Basically they would legalize it but require a license to be bought at a rediculously high price. This would mean that all but the largest companies would be able to afford to grow this plant.So basically the corporations would end up cornering the market on a plant that would be impossible to corner otherwise.

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