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I think domesticated animals are the responsibility of humans. There are loads of complete idiots that come out here and drop dogs off because they, perhaps, have become a burden to care for. These poor animals show up at my door, skin and bones, sweet as could be, and all manged out. I nurse them back to health if they are not too far gone and find homes for them. Domesticated animals are no longer capable of caring for themselves in the wild. Humans must take care of them, which means holding them captive in most circumstances.

But as far as wild animals, why would their creation and hence natural rights be different than humans?

My dogs are just spoiled. My cows don't have it too bad though.

Or maybe the social order (the set of rules humans come to in order to peaceably coexist) is where the 'rights' part comes from. Maybe the concept of human rights is solely relevant for purposes of the creation of a social order. Maybe there needs to be new libertarian thought and theory about humans relationship to animals.

You brought up a great topic. For once, I am not fully on-board with Murray. And Murray is my most favorite mind ever, at this point.

Here is a podcast of Hoppe and his thoughts on property and social order. It is really interesting.