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that video clip was discussed, when two producers from AVTM

who were there with Adam in Philly that day, were interviewed on AJ show yesterday, stated that, that was not a cop's hand, nor was he planting anything, but simply reaching for Adam's belt so that he wouldn't fall.

it was discussed here:

here's the interview:

With all the BS 'charges' they tacked on, what is conspicuously missing, as far as publicly known is a drug possession charge.

They literally flung any shiite on, to see what would stick, regardless of all the video evidence that CONTRADICT ALL of the Feds' BS charges vs. Adam, from the usual 'resisting arrest, failure to process, and assaulting a Fed. "officer," etc.

"Assaulting an Officer"-'charge' always cracks me up. It'd be hilarious, if the sentence for it weren't so grave: up to 20yrs, which is more than what one actually serves (not sentenced), on average, for MURDER in America: 8yrs.

Granted, I'm preaching to the choir here, who already know that in fact, the State-actors DO assume & act like they are 'better' than us 'mere mundanes.' Regardless, for 'assaulting an officer' to be a legitimate 'crime,' they'd have to openly admit publicly that they're some separate class of humans/individuals, who are basing their 'logic' on the assumption that they are fundamentally 'above' us, or 'better than' us, their employers.

The only way that they can rationalize punishing the citizenry more for the same type of alleged 'assaults' if they were committed between two, non-govt workers, is to utterly violate the "No Bills of Attainder"-clause of the Constitution.

Because if so, they'd have to openly claim that we, their employers, are a separate class of human sub-species who deserve to be punished more for the same exact type of crimes, because 'we are lesser than they.'

anyway, in the interview, AK's producers claimed that the Fed. scums 'convinced' the judge to deny Adam bail because 'he MAY use excessive amount of drugs!' LOL!!!

But really, let's face it, it's because they already know who he was, is, and plans on doing on July 4th, 2013, and it's public knowledge that he has guns at his VA home.

On today's Alex Jones Show, Adam's producers were interviewed again: AJ wisely advised Lucas, one of the producers and himself a US Navy vet, to cool off and avoid their Virginia AVTM HQ, for a couple of days, if at all possible. And, try NOT to make any further provocative statements, until Adam's situation has been sorted out, as to not give them ANY excuses to clamp down on them, any further, because AJ sensed that the Feds could escalate this into a 'medical gun confiscation'/'barricaded suspect' vs. SWAT-scenario (the excuse of 'if you have PTSD, you shouldn't be able to own guns,' blah blah blah statist BS) and let the drama play our for the MSM cameras.

Their interview begin at 0:40:40 mark:

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul