Comment: I am not now, nor have I, in this thread,

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I am not now, nor have I, in this thread,

talked about the 'L'ibertarian Party. I could not care less about any Party (well...except for Friday night fiesta parties). I did not say you were emotionally charged. But there are many who support Rand, blindly, who use emotion only. I asked you to show me how Rand is 'l'ibertarian. I ask you now, where did Rand even say he was 'l'ibertarian? Instead of arguing that he is, or proving that he says he is, or describing his rhetoric or voting as being 'l'ibertarian you actually do seem a bit emotional.

DavyC, Ron Paul, and I, for example, believe that changing the hearts and minds of the masses is how to change our situation. If you think getting top dog position in the current US regime is possible or desirable for the ultimate goal of achieving liberty than fine. But I will continue to try to keep the libertarian philosophy, popularized by Ron Paul, pure. And you will just have to endure me pushing pure libertarianism on these types of threads.

So ..oo☮☮☮ⓅⒺⒶⒸⒺ☮☮☮oo.. on that note.